Worrying About Wastage? Keep Things Fresh

One of the biggest worries of any restaurateur is waste.

Sometimes, the control-minded handle food waste with too much attention to waste and not enough attention to freshness.

Problem is, things get stale. Maybe that one item just wasn’t right for the time and place and passersby of that day. Move on to some fresh stuff.

Many of us do this with our blogs as well:

We post something up and, and . . . we look forward to great traffic . . . soon . . . it will happen, maybe . . . maybe  if I tweet it again . . .right?

We wait to see what happens with that one piece. And we wait. And it gets stale. But you really liked that post and you want it to stay on the top and in front of your display. You forget that all of your posts will always be part of your inventory.

Keep posting. Keep adding to your inventory of posts. The page depth will help your findability. And eventually, someone may stumble upon that post – maybe even share it.

Worrying about wastage? Don’t. Just keep things fresh.

Photo on Flickr by pengrin™

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