Embracing Change and Erasing Confusion with Dialing 8

Many small business owners and independents are frustrated these days. Frustrated at two things:

  1. Confusion: Confusion over what the best way to “use social media” really is. The so-called expertise is all over the map. As professionals, social media consultants are, in large part, confused themselves.
  2. Change: Changes are happening rapidly. New tools and platforms, and new changes to old tools and platforms. It’s dizzying. And it could get even more frenzied.

To help battle the confusion and the dizzying, frenzying pace of change, I’ve been developing what I call the Dialing 8 Project.

The Dialing 8 Projectis shaping up to be both a curriculum and a community designed with specific types of business persons in mind:

  • Small or rural business owner
  • Independent contractor
  • Solopreneur
  • Small non-profit agency or organization

While anyone will benefit from the content found within Dialing 8, the intended participant is that do-it-yourselfer, the one that loves to learn and views making mistakes as tuition.

The person that drives through conundrums with curiosity and a collaborative spirit. For its that type of person who will stay strong and last long in these times of quick attention and “now is gone”.

Join me . . . join us as an active participant in The Dialing 8 Project. I believe you’ll find some great ways to create or improve business – and some fantastic relationships. All for much less than a cup of coffee a day.

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