Do You Really Want Comments on Your Blog?

There are lots of platforms for conversation these days, so many endless streams of information, so many places to see and be seen.

Yet many still gauge their success on how many comments they get on their blog.

It seems there are three stages of of thought around comments on a business’ blog:

  1. Fear of negative comments
  2. Worry that no one will ever comment
  3. Replying to all the comments becomes a chore

Some never get to the third stage – heck, some never overcome the first stage and therefore don’t blog – but those are trails for another stroll.

Would you rather have comments on your blog or have others comment about your blog elsewhere?

I’ve long held to the practice and teaching that long comments should become blog posts. And while I’m a big believer in conversation, it’s as much about our behavior as the give-and-take.

While there is value to people commenting on your site,  isn’t that mostly an ego-massage more than a relationship builder and revenue generator?

And frankly, don’t you get a bit more excited when someone shares your link out to their audience than the excitement of a comment coming in? Outward vs Inward.

It is, after all, a world wide web we weave, hmm?


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