Why and How I Use Twitter

There are as many different ways to use Twitter as there are types of products in a WalMart.

Possibly the best way to use Twitter is whatever way it makes meaning or creates value for you. 

For my own business purposes, I use Twitter for research and resource-sharing. While I occasionally engage and exchange in a conversation, most of what I use Twitter for is to share information with clients and to those who find value in what I share.

Since I coach business, educational, and ministry leaders to use a guideline of 70-20-10, I try to practice the same:

  • 70% Be the Resource: The largest portion of your tweets should be resources or value-added messages to your core audience. Links from other sites (found in your surfing or RSS reading or RTing) or quotes that will motivate your gang.
  • 20% Chit-Chat, How’s Your Cat? This portion of your stuff are replies of general-type conversation (with context please). This is the “chit-chat, how’s your kitty-kat” type of stuff. Polite, engaged, caring (but not overbearing).
  • 10% Pimp Your Own Stuff – the ‘here’s what I wrote’ or ‘ I’m speaking at’ type of tweets. Less of this is more. You’ve been depositing with Resource Sharing and Relationship Building above. Keep this type of tweet at the lower end of the scale and you’ll see more click-through.

Again, this is a guideline, not a policy.

I always do my best to give proper attribution to the author and site of any resource I share, and the person who RTs the item if that’s how I found it.

I share items with three peoples in mind (in this order):

  1. Customers I Serve (and to a certain degree, the followers et al who are part of my “audience”)
  2. Those I link to – a distant second place. I don’t practice “linkbait”.I may share on occasion as a way of saying “thanks” to the content creator.
  3. Me – Sure, findability and keywords and all that is in my thought process, but if there’s no value for my customer – there will be no value for me.

Since my goal is to share resources and much of my time is away from the computer, I find that services such as BufferApp help my reach both my Twitter goals (by scheduling Tweets) and my business goals (offline meetings, project work, etc) without always having to be “on” Twitter.

Although I don’t participate in Twitter Chats, mostly due to time constraints, you’ll likely find they are of great value in both learning and connecting.  There is a dynamic listing of all Twitter Chats available to the public to help find a chat that fits your niche. If you don’t find one, consider starting one.

I appreciate you following the stream of resources or listing me. I hope you find value. If not, feel free to unfollow me (I promise not to be offended). By the same token, I will probably follow you and/or list you if I find you can add to what I share outward. Please note that I keep many “private lists” so that I can better manage my Information Consumption – what I call “InfoSumption”

Again, I believe there is no single “right” way to use Twitter. I hope my presence aides in your journey, I know yours will help mine.

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  1. says

    “Again, I believe there is no single “right” way to use Twitter.”
    I prefer to swap the conversation and the link metrics (70/20) because I believe in relationship marketing which you do by getting to know your followers. 

    • says

      Indeed another possibility. I’ve also seen success with a 50/50 (with just a hint of self-promo).  

      If the chit-chat part is valuable to both your and those you serve (and sustainable from a time management side), do that:-)  Will Google Plus increase conversation whereas Twitter has its character limit?

      Great input!