What is The Dialing 8 Project?

For seven years I’ve coached companies and individuals on how to use Social Media to extend their voice (and their listening eyes) so they can make better connections, amplify their relationships, and create new business.

During that time, I’ve also been writing ConverStations. With close to 1700 blog posts, but none going to in-depth in order to save time, attention, and frankly – giving away the farm, I feel it’s time to go deeper. A combination of the coaching and ConverStations.

While I plan to continue doing both coaching and ConverStations, I’m very excited about a new beginning: The Dialing 8 Project. As we gear up for its initial “soft”  launch on October 22, and a fully launched membership site on November 13, we’ve set up a Google Plus Circle just for Dialing 8 members.

This private area allows a few things to happen: The “charter” members – those who enter prior to 10/22 – receive access to:

  • premium content
  • private Dialing 8 Sessions using Google+ Hangouts
  • content creation workshop
  • measuring success discussions (no, not so much numbers of likes and followers)
  • genesis of a community that helps and profits from each others presence
  • other unique and special opportunities for the charter members (for those who gain access prior to 10/22)
  • access to discounted one-on-one coaching

On October 10th, I began slowly putting word out about the Dialing 8 Project. We started that first day with an entry free of FREE. Those who explored their way in on that first day receive lifetime memberships and all the perks we ever come up with (They didn’t know that at the time).

The investment is tiny in terms of money, only $271.00 (or about 74 cents a day).  But the work isn’t a skate. For to find success you will work – smart, not long or hard.

We’ll be building out the site Dialing8.com (right now it points right back here) and adding features and widgets and et al. By the end of the year, we’ll also have a fully functioning mobile app. Lots more info on the way.

But what about them? Who’s them? The 30% of small businesses and solopreneurs who aren’t yet on the web – those that don’t even have a web page yet, let alone a Facebook. Yep -what about them? That’s who I’m really hoping jumps all over this project.

I’ve been to Main Street USA. While some places are thriving, others are barely surviving. They can use our help in two ways:

  1. Let them know about Dialing 8. The sooner the better. Today it’s $233.00 a year. Regular Price is $271.00.
  2. Help them. Coach them within Dialing 8. There will be opportunities to co-create content and co-coach in this co-laboratory. There will be archives available – and maybe you’ll help build that library. It will be accessible to all members.
  3. (I know I said two, but let’s go an extra step). New Beginnings. Nobody is an expert. Things are changing so fast, the only constant is “people”. We all learn from each other. By our differing perspectives we can grow. In business and in life.

I’m excited about the possibilities. Looking far down the road, I envision a network of people who, as new members enter, we can match them up with experienced, caring coaches. Any coaching sessions held outside of the online community are independent of the online community. And therefore, should be invoiced or transacted as such by the coach who conducts any such session.

Wow, this may be the longest post I’ve ever written (thus far). I hope you’ll join me in building this project, and tell others about the project.

The form for entry is a click away.

Stay strong and last long. Here’s to New Beginnings.

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