Mind the Gap and Get #Unstuck

Tony Morgan is providing his most recent ebook today – Hanging Up The Leisure Suite: How to Get Unstuck.

It’s free. It’s Short. It’s Important. Focused on how leadership teams in church can gain forward movement (rather than standing-still motion), the ideas and principles here would also be effective in business and educational administration.

  • Have you clearly defined your organization’s strategies and systems – and does everyone know what they are?
  • How many of the 6 Elements of a Healthy Organization do you recognize?
  • Are you instructing towards independence?
  • Putting the 8 Characteristics of a Healthy System into play within your organization

That’s some of what you’ll find in this, this second of three ebooks Tony is doing in this series. (I think you can still grab the first one free too)

Having worked with several in the ministry (and having been “in-season” for a time myself), I understand some of the traps that can befall the leadership of a church. I’d encourage you to – with your own team and with ministry leaders you know.

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