Grocery Store Social Media – How Do You Cart?

I saw a few friends at the grocery store, each of us arriving at the same time. Seemed like a meeting about to break out or something. We finished about the same time too – Curious, I asked what each of us came to the store for:

  • David came to pick up something from the pharmacy
  • Will got some food staples: Milk, Bread, Ice Cream (he said it was a staple)
  • Lee got some necessary paper products (they were down to one roll, with 4 people in the house)
  • I was buying some dishwasher soap and laundry detergent. I also got some Chinese food to go.

Four guys. All using the same store as a tool to “stock up” – yet, each using this “supply depot” for different reasons.

Isn’t that like Social Media? Difference is that with the store, David didn’t get called out for not buying food, and nobody told Will that ice cream really isn’t a staple (because . . . it is for some folks).

So why and how do you use Google+? And if I don’t Facebook the way “they” do, is that a bad thing? Is there a single right way to use Twitter? Really?

Who wrote the Immutable Laws of Social Media anyway?

D’oh! I forgot the Maple Syrup!

Photo on Flickr by anselm23