Don’t Let Google Plus Become a Numbers Game

If it happens naturally, great – but don’t let your Google Plus usage fall into the trap many fell into with Facebook and Twitter.

Giant Numbers.

Have a plan for using Google Plus. If it’s just another platform to build numbers, you’re likely to fall into yet another time suck.

My suggestion for you with Google Plus is  to connect with your core customers and connections such as employees, vendors or affiliates, collaborations and the like in new ways using Circles and Hangouts.

There will be other general or “public” circles you’ll engage with, especially at the outset. In the long run, I think you’ll want to focus on your core G+ circles or the whole platform will become a G Minus to you.

Just as Facebook isn’t Twitter, Google Plus is neither of those – so don’t play it that way. Circle ratios and who’s following who should not matter to you, especially as you first begin using Google +.

Here are some resources to help get you started with Google Plus:

As you wonder, you will find gems and glean new ideas. Share them as part of your getting used to Google Plus.  Keep an eye for “How can my business benefit from this action?” type of situations and look past the obvious.

Don’t worry about the circle numbers or number of comments. Not yet.

None of those numbers will make sense until G+ makes meaning.


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      Thanks for sharing, and great job in prioritizing. Too many folks have “all of ’em” as their priority – which of course is that|close to impossible.  Ideally, Twitter is your intended audience’s preference as well:-)