Commonality Found Brings Defenses Down

Watch the toddlers as they pass by each other in a mall or restaurant.

Eyes locked onto each other, almost as if they measuring each other up – or are they? Might it be they notice commonality and start seeking more?

  • A stroller.
  • That silly jump suit.
  • A sippy cup.
  • Hey, wanna be best friends?

Right out of Look Who’s Talking, hmm? Maybe we do this as adults too. Might be a reason that Pinterest has everyone’s interest.

Of course, such trivial surface things are probably introductions, not the foundation, of friendships. But the commonality found can bring defenses down. 

Ayoub Khote penned a challenging post on Google+ asking us to consider vulnerability:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to the other: “What, you too? I thought I was the only one!”

Think about it. Who’s your favorite comic or storybook hero? What was their weakness, their vulnerability? See, even heroes are human. Such vulnerabilities, those we can relate to, can be building blocks towards relationship.

Shared interests. Shared vulnerabilities. These are important pieces of building and becoming a connected community.

As Ayoub suggests, make this a weekend project and see who connects.

Photo on Flickr by Thomas Hawk


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