Trending: The Great Twitter Unfollowing [VIDEO]

There’s a bit of a buzz going around on a few folks “unfollowing” everyone on Twitter and starting over from scratch. A lot of this chatter is negative – and it shouldn’t be.  A touchy subject for some. Here’s my (video) take:

One of the folks that did this mass “unfollow” is Michael Hyatt. He outlines his reasoning (pre-unfollow) and then his process (post-unfollow) which includes screenshots.

Whether or not you’re thinking of ‘cleaning house’ – I’d highly suggest using Twitter Lists and a third-party tools such as HootSuite or BufferApp (and maybe both apps together).

Bottom-line: It’s not about you. Think Signal vs. Noise. Even if you’ve been unfollowed – these folks will probably still engage (maybe even more so now that they have a better filter) and in any case, you can still learn from what they say and share – and that’s the “wow” of this whole thing anyway, hmm?

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