New Facebook and Google Plus: First Glances

I like the new Facebook. Worked with the new layout and Timeline this week. The Ticker is going to be great fun and maybe even addicting to some (you can only see it when you’re ON the Facebook site, yes?).

Small Business owners, especially solopreneur types, will continue to need some presence on Facebook for engagement and measurement. Depending on the type of business, a lot of investment might be wise there.

I fell in love with Google Plus. This weekend was the first time I really began using it, and there’s lots of potential. For personal use, but also business use.

Convenience is the key for me (and those I coach). Busy business owners don’t have a lot of time. I’ll go into more details of how I’ll be using Google Plus in future posts.

At first glance, between the tools already being used (GMail, Google Reader, Maps, Calendar, Docs, News – oh yeah, and Google Search) in addition to the exciting possibilities of video conferencing and doc sharing with Hangouts with extras – especially with Mobile . . .

Here’s a video that explains a lot of it semi-simply (and funny):

Anyway, if you want to connection on Google Plus, Circle me (is that legal?)

Big thanks to +Chris Brogan for his help (he’ll help you too!) on getting started on Google Plus.


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