Intended Audience or Attending Audience?

Serve your intended audience. When you first begin, remember there’s a difference between “Intended Audience” and “Attending Audience”

This is true in business or in social media. Even in a church.

We can agree on this one right away: You have a voice. Yes? Good. Next thing to know is who your intended audience is, your core customer – for those are the eyes and ears you’re trying to reach.

When you first open your doors or step onto the social media platform, you’ll have the early birds; the lookie-loos; the critics. As often as not, these fine folks will never be a loyal customer or reader. This is one reason it’s so important you know your core customer and what makes them tick – what they value.

Once you know the person(s) you’re trying to attract, serve them most. You can’t make everyone happy – so make the best ones happy.

One example might be that greasy hamburger joint on the corner. They make ‘em sloppy. With big fries on the side. And shakes. Thick. Want a salad? Not on the menu. Love ya, but croutons get served down the street. Wheat buns? No problem.

This diner isn’t mean or offended by the light eater, it’s just that their core customer is the gut buster – and they serve those folks in super-duper fashion.

In social media, you may want to talk about the happenings around your store to get new shoppers into your store. Or, you may want to share every news item you can find that would be valuable to your core customer.

Know the size of your velvet rope. There is a difference between your Intended Audience and Attending Audience. How do you tell them apart?

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