Finding Your Three Keys for Great Content Curation

Finding great content to share will make others more aware and show them how much you really care.

One of the first exercises we do with a small business getting into social media is learn to be a resource for the target they want to serve.

The thinking here is that by knowing who you want to attract and what is important to them – by being a resource towards their values and wants – you will attract them.

Focus on three words or phrases that is most important to your core customer.

This is sometimes a tough exercise – and it should be. It’s important. At the beginning of this exploration, I’m found repeating myself,

“It’s not about your business, right now it’s about their lives – what do they want?”

Whether you do this alone or with a team, write down all the phrases that come up. Post-its or a whiteboard are great here. With each phrase, continue to ask yourself a few “so what…?” – as in “so how does that help them change their lives?” or “why would that matter to them?”

One business recently focused on these three phrases for their core customer: More Energy, Live Longer, Look Good.

Remember, we’re defining these phrases for purposes of being a resource – content curation and knowledge sharing.  This is the 70 in the 70-20-10 formula. This exercise isn’t about our unique selling position or to find a great tagline.

This exercise is about focusing on what to share, who to share it with, and filtering signal from noise. It’s both listening and engaging.

Once you get these “Three Keys” – you’ll be able to focus on what RSS feeds to subscribe to, who to follow and retweet on Twitter, and what to write about on your blog.

Be the resource