Twylah: Content Librarian for Small Business


Small business owners are busy with a capital "very" and don't have time to play with new tools. However, a new tool that actually saves time AND increases productivity often seems heaven sent. Enter Twylah. For business owners and solopreneurs, Twylah is a powerful library for the resources and content you share on Twitter. If you're using the 70-20-10 guideline, you're … [Read more...]

Change: Compost or Creation?


The sound of fallen leaves circling and blowing across a parking lot. Almost sounds like applause "we're free, we're free" But what's that you say? "Those leaves have no reason to celebrate. They are dead and will become compost soon." Listen again, yes - they are free...they celebrate because they are on to their next opportunity... Working together to create … [Read more...]

Social Media ROI: What Are You Counting On?


Get your calculator out folks, we're going to have class - and maybe I'll learn something. It's understandable that businesses small and large are asking the question: "What's the ROI of Social Media?" Heck, I'd wonder about you if you weren't asking the question. I sometimes answer this question with another question: "What would success look like - in other words - What … [Read more...]

Students: 4 Reasons Why Writing a Blog is Worth Your Time [Guest]

Student Hackathon

With over 150 million blogs and counting, it seems like everyone is getting in on the action these days. But for many students, the world of blogging is still a very foreign concept. Based on my own conversations with other students, blogging just doesn’t seem like a valuable use of time to them (and let’s face it, a student’s time is a valuable thing). Upon further … [Read more...]

Testing Opt-In Forms for Google Plus Circles


A piece +Denise Wakeman wrote on using an opt-in form for G+ Circles got me thinking yesterday. How many folks are using this? As an experiment, I've created two non-business related Circles (though both subjects have plenty of lessons within). Feel free to hop-in either one. (if you're looking for your G+ Profile, just sign-in to Google Plus and click on your … [Read more...]

I’m Not Just Another Name Tag (And Neither Are You)

ID Stationary

Each morning I leave the house, there are three things I make sure I have plenty of (besides coffee): Business Cards Postcards Name Tags The last item on the list is new - and I'm finding it's a conversation starter. I've long admired how Scott Ginsberg (aka The Nametag Guy) wears his name tag everywhere. Everywhere. He practices transparent living. Recently, I … [Read more...]

Google Plus Circles: Avoid the Noise


A rant often heard among colleagues (Yours, Mine, Ours) is how Social Media sectors are echo chambers. Either repetition in sharing of voices or repurposing of the same idea over and over. In defense, there's nothing new under the sun. At the same time, there is a lot of echo in the conversphere. Google Circles helps us Avoid the Noise So Long, Same Old Song: An … [Read more...]

New Facebook and Google Plus: First Glances


I like the new Facebook. Worked with the new layout and Timeline this week. The Ticker is going to be great fun and maybe even addicting to some (you can only see it when you're ON the Facebook site, yes?). Small Business owners, especially solopreneur types, will continue to need some presence on Facebook for engagement and measurement. Depending on the type of business, a … [Read more...]

Creating a Business That Works for You: Step 1


Read this book:  The Big Enough Company Whereas the last book I shared wasn't about you, this book is all about you - as far as creating a business - your business - right for you. For who you are, what you're about, and how you want to live. It's really more than a book, it's really two books in one. The first part is a workbook, asking you important questions, giving … [Read more...]