Infographics: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

Infographics have been the rage for awhile now. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are everywhere. I’m sure many still are asking “What’s an infographic?

These things are part eye candy, part data crunch – data visualization.

Here’s a quick video from on the future of infographics

Many are embedding full infographics on their sites. Personally, I would like to see the data listed below the graphic , or at least a click away. I don’t always have time to sift through the images, though I may go back-and-forth to navigate the mapping of information. Some infographic vendors offer the data if you request by email.

Here’s a good infographic on Twitter usage:

Infographic: Meet the Tweeters
Infographic by: Column Five Media

I’ve started saving infographics in a Delicious folder, and I’m thinking of adding a page or category here for ones I find resonating or relevant.

Alltop has its own Infographic section, a great place to find and follow the latest releases of visual data.

Here are a few tools and resources in making an infographic for your own project or business:

How about you? Are you a fan of infographics? Do you design them? Have you outsourced to get one done?

  • Amanda Maksymiw

    I think infographics are an effective content medium for drawing attention, driving traffic, in addition to promoting social sharing.  I especially like reading them and would love to see more created!

    • MikeSansone

      Thanks Amanda. One of the reasons I’m starting to save them on delicious (or search them on is because, while I’m addicted, I need to pick my clock spots (like early Saturday mornings.  

      Any tips on finding time or at least finding the right ones to read?

      • Amanda Maksymiw

        I don’t have a science to finding the right infographics.  Instead I just keep an eye out on Twitter and G+.  In order to have time to read infographics (or any content for that matter), I typically set aside 30 minutes or so every day to review my social networks and RSS feeds- otherwise I’ll never get to it! 

        • MikeSansone

          Great tip on the 30 minutes.  Thanks again, Amanda

  • Jeff Domansky

    Mike, enjoyed your look at infographics. You and Amanda were looking for other good sources. Check my Aug 18 post “Infographics: How to Make Them Work Best” for 25 other useful resources. Personally I love them when used with news and editorial but we may be reaching saturation as marketers jump all over them Best regards.

    • MikeSansone

      Jeff, thanks for sharing your post in Infographics ( ) – Great resource and some good questions to ask before taking a seat on the bandwagon:-)  

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