One Shot

One Shot

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment Would you capture it? Or just let it slip, yo - From Lose Yourself If time and money were no object . . . If enemies (within or without) couldn't slow you down . . . If you could change your world, no matter the size of your "W" What would you be doing? Go and do … [Read more...]

Conception is Messy

"The hospital room may be spotless and sterile, but birth itself will always take place amid chaos, pain, and blood." - Steven Pressfield in Do the Work (Location 222 of 920) Conception can be a beautiful thing. Its newness. Untested. Plenty of promise, potential, and possibilities. Can you feel the breath of a sigh as we look upon it? I wonder if the sigh is an "ooh-aah" or … [Read more...]

Quotes n Notes: Visioneering Your Futures

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards" ~ Lewis Carroll The best performers - be they athletes or actors, singers or speakers - visualize their successes before they happen. They "see" the actions and reactions in their mind's eye. Thus, when it's time to shine, they've already "seen" how things unfold (or can unfold) … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops: 06/19/10

Whistle Stops are conversations, eye-openers, or tools representing the brain train discovered while traveling along the Conversphere.  From business to education, life hacks to giving back, these are the posts and links that have in some way grabbed my attention this week! Elsewhere: Where to Start When There are So Many Things to Learn, Do, Apply, and Study - by AskKim … [Read more...]

Half-a-Blog: Tethered to SoLoMo

Putting a few pieces together on some of these "half-baked, half-blogs" . . . Tethered to Always On I left my iPhone in the car. At first, I thought "big deal" -- at first. But then, I saw a great photo/story opp I wanted to share on Instagram . . . and reached for a device that wasn't there. No problem. I noticed clouds overhead and wanted to see the radar . . . and … [Read more...]

Strong End Summit: Don’t Hear the Boundaries

Friday afternoons are often a bit more relaxed, but relaxed doesn't mean lazy. The Strong-End Summits (videos that will keep brains and hearts afire) are a way to end our week strong and come back refreshed. A few immersions into new possibilities (see if you can hear them) Maya Beiser's presentation at TED2011 The 2Cellos (Sulic & Hauser) SCAMPER an anthem One Cello - … [Read more...]

“Am I Adding to the Conversation?”

I hear this question a lot. Usually about two weeks after someone starts a blog or twitter account. "Am I Adding to the Conversation?" It's a good question -- and at the same time, a not-so-great question. Really? What on earth do any of us think we can add to the conversation that will be mountain moving? After all, there's nothing new under the sun, … [Read more...]

Can Your Customers Find You?

Too many small businesses in rural areas are stuck in the yellow pages ages. As I drive through the rural towns of the Midwest and talk to mom 'n pops around the country, they are at a loss. Many small rural businesses think they have to compete with the big box stores (they don't) and they have already developed a loser's limp. But there are some interesting statistics … [Read more...]

Walking the Stacks of Our Life

While cooking up some scrambled eggs, I looked in the fridge to see what I could add to the mix. Ham? Not today. Rice? Uh -- no. Bell Pepper?  Yes, that sounds good. While folding the eggs (want fluffly? fold, then scramble), I wondered how scrambled eggs was like content marketing with social media. "Are scrambled eggs like blogging?" Maybe yes, maybe … [Read more...]

Are You Talking Write? #TalkWrite

A few years ago, The Age of Conversation launched its first edition. I was fortunate to be part of the league of contributing authors. My piece pointed towards how writing for the conversational reader was changing. While much of this style of writing includes what I call Eye Rests, my thinking is we need to write conversationally, not compostionally, dig? The writing is … [Read more...]