Story Listening: Is Harry Potter About Witchcraft?

Is Harry Potter about witchcraft?

Or is the story about perseverance and friendship? About the constant battles of good vs evil or self vs community?

A wise friend teaches the important distinction between "book story" and "life story" in works of fiction.

With such in mind, Harry Potter might be – in part – about witchcraft. But alas, that is the "book story." The "life story" is about . . . well, I would think the "life story" might be different for each reader and maybe for each season of life of said reader.

We hear much talk about storytelling and the art of story. I'm not close to tiring of the term, but it has become so widely used, the term may end up on some Buzzword Bingo soon.

Storytelling is becoming a more important part of our creative communication and conversation than ever before.

Storylistening: determining the "life story" within the story you hear, see, or read – or at least the "life story" that pertains to you – is just as important. For both the listener and the teller.

Begin with Listening in Mind.

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