UnStuck at the Crossroads

Sometimes we can get stuck at a crossroads in life. We might try logic as a form of navigation, or we might go by way of our gut. Getting stuck in the intersection of indecision is a dangerous place. Recognizing opportunity as it comes is key. Stuck at a Crossroads Cast Away at MOVIECLIPS.com Me? After a season of logical-izing, I'm trusting my gut and getting … [Read more...]

Story Listening: Is Harry Potter About Witchcraft?

Is Harry Potter about witchcraft? Or is the story about perseverance and friendship? About the constant battles of good vs evil or self vs community? A wise friend teaches the important distinction between "book story" and "life story" in works of fiction. With such in mind, Harry Potter might be - in part - about witchcraft. But alas, that is the … [Read more...]

Small Business Contest – Big Prize Packages

Virtuosi Media is having a contest and if you’re a small business owner, you have a chance to win big! We’re giving away over $21,000 in prizes, with the Grand Prize package featuring a free business website valued up to $10,000 and other prizes from our sponsors, all designed to boost your business’ success online. Interested in increasing your bottom line, improving the image … [Read more...]

10 Legit Ways to Gain a Twitter Fast Friend Following


Image via Wikipedia There are many ways small town business owners and independent contractors can use Twitter. Heck, there are as many ways to use Twitter as there are flavors of Jelly Belly (50 officially. Jelly Belly flavors, that is). Of course, in this era of stream n' scream and fast-food friending, most folks want to see instant results.  So with respect to the … [Read more...]

Don’t Speak TO Your Audience; Speak THROUGH Your Audience

Kiss the microphone. Spill from your gut. Speak to the back of the church. Quieting your voice as a form of modesty is going to kill the message and end your days as a messenger. It's easy to fall into the trap of talking softly when confronted with a microphone and in audience (seen or unseen). But don't be tempted. Instead, amp your voice up just a notch to overcome … [Read more...]