Feed the Junkies


From a poker junkie to star trekkie, football fans to Beatlemania – people flock together to celebrate and commiserate and even fan the flames of their fanaticism.

The content ignites community and creates conversation. Are you providing and provoking the content worthy of the flame?

Again, we can go to our bookstore lesson and especially the magazine section to see what’s hot or not.

  • What topic has multiple titles?
  • What are the weeklies and top monthly mags headlining?
  • Who is adorning the most covers (either individual or genre)?

If you want ideas on what’s being devoured, tap into the mags on the rack. These publishers spend millions in market research. Stop guessing and follow some of their lead.

Have an abundance mentality in sharing too. Don’t hoarde your findings. Be the resource!

By sharing the best poker games and sites, the junkies will return and reward you, and then you will have a winning hand.

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