Who Would You Cast as Your Core Customer?

KateHepburn I often ask folks I work with to describe their core customer as if they were casting for a movie – picking a movie star or fictional character.

The question serves two purposes from my vantage point:

  1. We can target your strategy and story towards that type of person.
  2. When I meet someone (either offline or online) that fits the description, I can help make a connection.

For instance, though I will work with several sizes of companies and personalities, my "sweet spot" character type would be a "Katharine Hepburn"

  • Independent, yet interdependent
  • Strong-willed, know what they want
  • Has a captivating (but not overwhelming) presence
  • Flexible – they can make a change like a PT boat, not a battleship)

It's no surprise that most of my work has been mostly with coaches, consultants, teachers, and preachers – they are independent, focused, driven, nimble.

And it's not limited to business stuff.  Apparently, it works in the personal realm as well.  My Angela has all of these qualities and more – and I knew it from the start.

Birds of a feather, hmm?  So, dear reader – who would your cast in the role of your core customer? By knowing, you'll be attracting.

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