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4336056056_0e921833d3_m The "what do I write about" is a great question. 

I'd rather a conversation about the possibilities of what to write than a have a constant sales pitch coming from the keyboard of a small business blog.

While talking with a small retail business in an what we'll call "Oldtown" recently, I asked why she hadn't updated her blog in weeks. She said she didn't feel right about spouting off her specials and inventory all the time. Nice.

We talked about how she could point to other businesses and events in "Oldtown":

  • Introduce other retailers in the area (show Oldtown as a convenient shopping area)
  • Write about some of the food and drink options for shoppers (…and while you're here…)
  • Locate great parking tips (save them time, money, and headaches)
  • Promote special events or happenings in the neighborhood

If a small neighborhood business can become the resource and revitalizer in the community, both customer and neighboring business will become loyal fans and readers.

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