Personality Poker: Innovating, Identifying & Improving Performance


Add a third book to my "must-reads" for 2010.

Personality Poker by Stephen M. Shapiro is a combination text/tool that I've quickly embraced in several ways (more on that in a bit).

The book guides your way through using the deck of cards for team-building or self-awareness exercises. Like road signs on your networking highway, the text helps navigate the many people we meet and interact with. You'll find for each personality the potential pitfalls, potholes, engagement guides, and motivation possibilities for each suit.

The card deck though, I'm going to put those to work right away in three four ways:

  • Self-Awareness – Look, any tool that pegs me as an "introvert" … is spot-on. I love to work in smaller groups or one-on-one (and sometimes solo). I can do crowds (and have), but my wheelhouse is a smaller group. Here's the online version of my "hand."  (Deal 'em for yourself)
  • Coaching sessions – I've always believed that unequal situations/persons shouldn't be treated equally. These cards will allow both coach (me) and student (them) to build and work towards their strengths.
  • Connecting – If you've seen me work rooms or events, you know I'm a connector (conductor?). The best connections are ones that make sense and benefit both. I'd love to help everyone build a 'full-deck" network for themselves.
  • Prospecting – The text will especially help here. There are certain people I work really well with, and others that present a challenge. Heck, I've even had a few that had multiple personalities — in  the same day. 

Part of the core purpose of Personality Poker is to determine each person's strengths and play to a full deck (too many times we surround ourselves without regards to diversity of style or strength)

This book/game is great for any team-leader (HR, Managers, Small Biz Owner), teacher or coach, and consultants. I could even see writers using Personality Poker as a character-building tool for their fiction.

If you liked Ten Faces of Innovation or Vital Friends, you'll dig the two-part tool that is Personality Poker (@perspokerbook). The tool launches today, so whether online or at the book store – go pick it up and deal 'em out.

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