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Reflections and Reviews of Octobers Gone By

At the turn of the calendar, let's revisit some posts from this and past Octobers:

October 2010

Previous October Highlights

Inside my head: It's fun for me to travel through the archives, but I also hope that these posts assist both long-time readers and newcomers.  Enjoy – and remember: Blog Posts are Inventory, Blog Sites are Displays


Strong-End Summit: What Do You Want?

Friday afternoons are often a bit more relaxed, but relaxed doesn't mean lazy. The Strong-End Summits (videos that will keep brains and hearts afire) are a way to end our week strong and come back refreshed.

Trombone Player Wanted (HT @jmpbaker)

Think Different

Will Smith – Mindset Wisdom

Seth Godin – Mindset of a Winner

Going Deep: My Desk at Suite # 12

Mike Wagner is going deep.

And he's starting with our desktops. First his own desk, then a dive into ours:


This isn't a shallow conversation. In fact, as "@bigwags" says and shows, our desktops actually can tell a lot about us and our work style.

Here's my desk (9740 University Ave, Suite Table #12, WDM, IA 50266) also known as Panera U:

DESK I've had some fantastic conversations at this desk. Some great teaching, book launches, friendships forged and food consumed.

It is in many ways both my sanctuary and stage. Simple, yet complex. I've used the walls as post-it note storyboards and the tables as a platform to make others (and their message) famous.

But the view you are looking at in the picture to the left is that from the passenger seat. 


LEmptypaneraet's take a look from the driver's seat:

When I first get here in the morning (yes, I'm often here at the opening bell), I see the open fields of possible conversation and growth.

It's a wide open field ready for community cultivation.

Many leaders, many listeners. A blank canvas ready to  be painted by the community coming forth.

But here's the room worth a view:

Paneragroup When the crowd starts kicking and the conversations start spicing up the tables (and yes, coffee tables are conversation stations), I feel like my desk – table #12 – is like a box seat in the game of life.

I learn much each day, even by watching the silent conversations here.  Hope to see ya in the bread aisle.

The depth of my desk — my work — isn't on my desk, but around my desk.

So there ya go Michael. The deep dive of my desk.  Keep creating conversations worth having. Stay contagious with your curiosity.


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The Digital Handshake Comes to Iowa: B2B Social Media Workshop

Paul Chaney at Barnes & Noble on University Ave. Paul Chaney is coming back to Iowa – and he's bringing his toolkit with him for a B2B Social Media Bootcamp via AMA Iowa on November 11th & 12th.

The Social Media Handyman and author of The Digital Handshake and Realty Blogging has long been a mentor/model of mine.

He's championed small business, corporate, niche market, and non-profit blogging since chalk on a rock.  Okay, maybe not that long, but he was one of the first I followed and he blazes a trail with his consistent example -

  • His blogging during Katrina's devastation (literally in Paul's backyard) was an inspiration and instruction on the power of social media.
  • His book Realty Blogging kick started many individual blogs and gave power to several real estate blogging networks.
  • And his most recent work, The Digital Handshake, is a must read by anyone practicing social media in business.

Here's what I'm sure of – This Boot Camp with be filled with both rigor and humor, and you'll become equipped to know which tools fit your business best. Most of all, this bootcamp will show you how and why building relationships will improve your bottom line.

Tell Paul that Mike sent ya – and I'll bet you get a big hug.


Photo on Flickr at Barnes & Noble on University Ave


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Turn Your Passion into a Profession: I_Blog Conference (Nov 5-7)

I_Blog Conference (Nov 5-7)
Whether you're just starting out blogging or in full swing, attending the I_Blog conference will help take you to the next level.

A good group of speakers will lead your learning for various business and personal blogging studies:

  • Utilizing LinkedIn to Build Your Connections and Grow Your Business
  • Using Mobile Technology to Keep You Connected
  • Making the Most of Your Camera and Taking Beautiful Photos
  • Intellectual Content, Owned Content and Why You Should Trademark Your Blog
  • How to Win an Sponsor's Attention- and Money
  • SEO and Why It Matters
  • This is a great conference to learn how to start earning income from or on your site, how to protect your tools and talk, and how to turn your passion into a profession.

    You can also follow what goes on at the conference on Twitter: @I_BlogConf


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    Personality Poker: Innovating, Identifying & Improving Performance


    Add a third book to my "must-reads" for 2010.

    Personality Poker by Stephen M. Shapiro is a combination text/tool that I've quickly embraced in several ways (more on that in a bit).

    The book guides your way through using the deck of cards for team-building or self-awareness exercises. Like road signs on your networking highway, the text helps navigate the many people we meet and interact with. You'll find for each personality the potential pitfalls, potholes, engagement guides, and motivation possibilities for each suit.

    The card deck though, I'm going to put those to work right away in three four ways:

    • Self-Awareness – Look, any tool that pegs me as an "introvert" … is spot-on. I love to work in smaller groups or one-on-one (and sometimes solo). I can do crowds (and have), but my wheelhouse is a smaller group. Here's the online version of my "hand."  (Deal 'em for yourself)
    • Coaching sessions – I've always believed that unequal situations/persons shouldn't be treated equally. These cards will allow both coach (me) and student (them) to build and work towards their strengths.
    • Connecting – If you've seen me work rooms or events, you know I'm a connector (conductor?). The best connections are ones that make sense and benefit both. I'd love to help everyone build a 'full-deck" network for themselves.
    • Prospecting – The text will especially help here. There are certain people I work really well with, and others that present a challenge. Heck, I've even had a few that had multiple personalities — in  the same day. 

    Part of the core purpose of Personality Poker is to determine each person's strengths and play to a full deck (too many times we surround ourselves without regards to diversity of style or strength)

    This book/game is great for any team-leader (HR, Managers, Small Biz Owner), teacher or coach, and consultants. I could even see writers using Personality Poker as a character-building tool for their fiction.

    If you liked Ten Faces of Innovation or Vital Friends, you'll dig the two-part tool that is Personality Poker (@perspokerbook). The tool launches today, so whether online or at the book store – go pick it up and deal 'em out.

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    How to use For That Perfect Scene

    A few people have asked how I get those MovieClips and edit them down shorter. It’s super easy and can really put a punctuation on your blog posts.

    First thing is to log in (or create a free account). Once you find the scene you want, you can edit even more by clicking on the “share” button on the right side of the screen, then dragging the blue timeline bars below the clip to edit down.


    Here’s a clipped MovieClip from this scene in Gladiator :

    Movie Videos & Movie Scenes at

    One thing to notice is that each time you search for a scene, below the screen are relevant results based on actor, screenwriter, keywords…(make sure you have a lot of time – it can be addictive)

    They have 12,000 movie clips to choose from!  Pass the popcorn and hot tamales please:-)

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    Frequency and Consistency Begets a Familiar Following

    Main_photo_beverages One of the most popular questions I get about social media is frequency. How many blog posts per week? How many tweets a day? How much time should I put into Facebook?

    While I am a huge fan of quality (aren't we all), I believe a consistent, frequent, and relevant engagement may be the biggest key to reaching your goals in social media.

    It's not so different offline, ya 'know.

    Early this week, my morning schedule took me away from my usual Panera spot and put me in two different coffee houses, ones I rarely visit.

    There was the obligitoray niceties and manners, but it wasn't the same warm welcome or setting I find at Panera U. It's probably because I don't frequent these other joints much, if ever.

    By my frequent visits and consistent behavior at Panera U – there becomes a familiarity worth following and following up on.

    Frequency and Consistency Begets a Familiar Following.


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    What Would Bubba Blog About?

    Shrimp.  He knows everything there is to know about the shrimping business…

    Movie Videos & Movie Scenes at

    Over 20 posts as a starter. Of course, he could go into the generations of shrimp experts of his mamas and their mama's mama.

    He could point to the shrimping business fringes – like the shrimping boat mechanics, shrimping boat uniform suppliers, holiday shrimp baskets, shrimps in the news, wines or beers to go with shrimp, trends in shrimping business.

    He could write a white paper about the health benefits of eating shrimp, or do a series of videos of how to shop for shrimp, or cook with shrimp … you get the idea (any idea?)

    (say yes)


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    Brain Stew – Thinking Out Loud

    Dumbledorepensieve_1 What's the next for Location-Based Services (LBS)? Is anyone using Location in Learning – a student "checks-in" at certain points and receives a "badge" for applying what they've learned in their out-of-classroom life? Or Location in <insert religious pref> walk? Again, check-ins and badges based on learning and applying things along their path…

    Do mechanics or lawers spend their days (and nights) complaining about others in their profession – and even the use of the term mechanic and/or lawyer?  Enough with the social mediatologists and blogonometricians complaints about titles and tactics of each other…

    Whatever happened to MyBlogLog use? At one point, it was a huge part of the conversphere…

    On of my favorite questions: "Is there a there, there?" – I've long applauded social media as a relationship building action (it's part of my porch pitch) – but seriously, these relationships should be a means to an end (theirs and/or yours). Connections that benefit one – or better, both/all parties – or relationships that make sense. Once the benefits or sense cease, should we just say "next?"…

    Do folks who read this site recognize that every type of post here is both experiment and example of what the reader may try (yes, even the poetry posts)…

    I think it's pretty bankable that the Pittsburgh Steelers are now (and have been) America's team, thank you very much…

    Just a few things stirring in my pot…





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