Brain Stew: On Comments, Links, ReTweets, and Shares

Traffic to this site is growing. Is it an increase of blog post writing, or something else?

I am aware that the traffic increases to this site coincide with an increase of my own blog posting rhythm. Hopefully, these postings are valuable to the readers here (and may be part of the reason for traffic increases).

But there is something else I am doing, too.  It's the engagement level, and specifically – commenting on other sites and sharing more resources on Social Networks.

For several months, lack of time management was my downfall on commenting elsewhere. I felt that by sharing a link on Twitter or Facebook, I was giving enough reward – a pat on the back, of sorts – to the author. But that wasn't engagment.

I would consume a great deal of content, share some outward, but rarely took the time to digest and engage. For the last several weeks, I've once again, become habitual in commenting on other sites (I try for 3-5 per day, on at least 10 different sites per week).

And selfishly, engaging does two things for me:

  1. I know (and own) what I know when I actually articulate it. Commenting elsewhere helps hone my thoughts into usable ideas or actions.
  2. By commenting elsehwere, my thoughts reach audiences I normally wouldn't be in front of. If my comment adds value to the conversation, engagement lasts longer and across various sites.
  3. Okay, three things – there is this thing in human nature of reciprocity. You buy me a cup of coffee, I immediately think of ways to reciprocate. You too?

Unselfishly, I'm able to give two things to the community and other writers/readers:

  1. Attention. If I click through my RSS aggregator to their site, I'm re-reading the post AND reading the comments (there are lots of smart comments – sometimes better than the post itself).
  2. Acknowledgment. By engaging, I am showing them how I value their voice, how I appreciate the ability and freedom to take part in their conversation.
  3. Okay, three things – there is this thing in huma….yep – reciprocity again. Though often, I am thanking others for partaking in conversations I might have ignited or carried outward.

 A lot of this thinking comes from a few posts (and their comments) I've been reading lately, including:

Are you commenting? If so, how so?  If not, why not?






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