What Should You Write About? Listen to Your Day

2268845904_e6b1bb0a3a_m Everyday we talk to customers, colleagues, vendors, employees, even competitors.

Yet, for some, when it comes time to writing something on their blog, they run dry. They start thinking about what to write to please the search engine gods. (Psst…search engines serve human eyeballs so write with the reader in mind)

Hello, McFly…?

All those folks you talked to during the day…what did you talk about?  Did you simply gaze into their eyes with a blank stare?  Thought not.

All day you are gathering, if not practicing, what you could also articulate on your site (the subject matter, not so much the names and times and all the specificity)

Keywords are important, yes. Links out are too. Frequency and page depth (quality stuff!) should be a priority.

But, if you run dry at your keyboard, call someone and have a conversation about your business. Presto – you have a blog post.

Or the next time you say “I should blog about that,”  do so.

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