Social Media Informer: Best Digest of Social Media for Business

Anything that can make it easier for me to find a signal is a tool worth looking at. Social Media Informer (SMI), a new hub and aggregator for social media content makes it easier to cut through the noise and find a signal. You can use the site as a daily digest, or search articles based on topics or dates. In Tom Pick's review of the site on Webbiquity, he shares: "SMI … [Read more...]

0-60 Series: Day Two – Content Creation Practice

In this series, we will cover some of the first 60 days of integrating social media into your overall business strategy. Day Two - Content Creation Practice This is your first writing day, though your writing won't be viewable to the public just yet. We pick a content management tool (what we'll call "blogware") such as WordPress or Typepad. In either case, … [Read more...]

Are Blogging and Commenting Still Important Tools in Social Media?

Quite a few folks talking and writing about whether "blogging" is still relevant or not and where has commenting gone? on Scripting News: A Proposal - A New Kind of Blog Comment System on Helloform: Dear Dave - I Have the Facts, and I'm Voting No on Twist Image: The End of Conversation in Social Media on Jaffee Juice: The Conversation Doesn't Suck: You Do on … [Read more...]

Using Google Voice Mail for Blog Posts

I've written and talked often about my dislike for ghostwriting blog posts. Occasionally I would find it necessary, but the process still carried the uncomfortable feeling of breaking integrity (for the blog author as well as myself). To maintain voice and tone of the author, I've begun using Google Voice Mail more often as a "Blog Post Drop" for clients. … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: Using Social Media to Build Brand You

This piece is a snack for your brain, but also - in my thoughts - an example of where presentations are headed. These days, full presentations are being shared (on SlideShare) with and without voiceovers, and even single slides being offered up (on Flickr). And if they're good, they get spread via twitter or embedded on blog sites. Here, in his "eggs"cellent … [Read more...]

Drew’s Marketing question #91: What’s changed?

Look around.  Notice what has changed.  (And I promise you....something has!)  and then ask the important follow up question -- how can you take advantage of that change?   via The atmosphere around your business changes quickly and nowadays, constantly. Drew McLellan urges us to be aware of these changes with an important … [Read more...]

Articulate Your Content Oomph: Moses Supposes

There's this scene in Singing in the Rain that emphasizes oomph and telling your story, your way. To set it up (just in case you haven't seen the movie {say what?}), Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor are in the movies - silent movies. Their studio decides to make a "talkie" - film with sound. So one of the first things to do was train the speaking voices of the cast. In the … [Read more...]

Slide: Information Has Moved

Found myself teaching a young man about RSS feeds and Search Once and Subscribe at midnight last night. I couldn't help myself.  He was hungry for the lesson. He understood that information moves like lickety-split these days.  He didn't want to ever face this message:   Photo on Flickr by choffee … [Read more...]