Are Blogging and Commenting Still Important Tools in Social Media?

Quite a few folks talking and writing about whether "blogging" is still relevant or not and where has commenting gone?

First, I'll say "blogging" is still the foundation of your content and a deep part of your conversation – the trunk of your social media tree.

I've worked with those that blog now and again, here and there. They are disappointed in the return (but look at the lack of deposit). So they take to the quick and twitter or facebook instead. Instant gratification.

When these folks begin to produce content and conversational points a bit deeper and more frequently on their blog site, they see better findability, more focused daily interaction offline, and even better bottom-line results. But it's work.

Second, allow me to be bold and say commenting on blogs is highly overrated as a means of success measurement. I want them, everyone wants them. They're great.  But I would rather find:

  1. Readers extending the conversation on your blog and linking back to the original post, or
  2. Sharing a link on Twitter or Facebook with your two-bits added

And hey, I'm all for Twitter and Facebook… and Slideshare and Flickr and Foursquare too.  They are fruits of the Social Media tree, extra rooms in our Social Media storehouse.  We can really branch out and connect from those places.  We can throw rice against a wall and see what sticks. Brainstorm.  Even improve our findability.

But the foundation of what we do and think, what we believe, and the most important inventory we have online is that space we call "blog" and the content or conversations that live and endure there.

Am I saying that folks who Twitter and Facebook in a business sense without blogging are lazy? No (Yes), I'm not saying that at all (sure you are). Not really (yes, really – you are).  But as seasons change and FBML's go by the way, you'll wish you had stronger roots. 

Hello, blog.

I do agree much of the exchange, the back-and-forth conversation, may now happenelsewhere. But don't use that as a signal that blogging has died or is a waste of time.

Blogging is still very much an important item in your toolbox.

Are RSS feeds still relevant? Another post (but very much intertwined with this one).

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