Our Twitter 70-20-10 Engagement Formula Revisited

For those I coach, Twitter as an engagement tool is well into our social media curriculum. Often times, 4-6 weeks into our work (and sometimes longer). Rarely is it first (although Twitter as a Marketing Tool does lead off tonight’s Social Media Success Summit)

Like any other conversation, your Twitter engagement should focus on your audience and co-learner more so than yourself (remember, we’re on Twitter to engage for business, learning, or resources sharing purposes)

While some think of Twitter use as all chit-chat (might be fine for them), we’ll use it differently. To gain the most success from Twitter, let’s look at a 70-20-10 formula for success.  Here’s how it works:

  • 70% Be the Resource: The largest portion of your tweets should be resources or value-added messages to your core audience. Links from other sites (found in your surfing or RSS reading or RTing) or quotes that will motivate your gang. Some of the best examples of folks doing this are @amvvreed, @joywang or @shellterrell
  • 20% Chit-Chat, How’s Your Cat? This portion of your stuff are replies of general-type conversation (with context please). This is the “chit-chat, how’s your kitty-kat” type of stuff. Polite, engaged, caring (but not overbearing).
  • 10% Pimp Your Own Stuff – the ‘here’s what I wrote’ or ‘ I’m speaking at’ type of tweets. Less of this is more. You’ve been depositing with Resource Sharing and Relationship Building above. Keep this type of tweet at the lower end of the scale and you’ll see more click-through.

If you use the Skim, Scan, Save…and Share method, you’ll always have resources to balance your tweets in favor of your audience — and it can earn you the right to pimp your stuff more often.

One thing to keep in mind on timing: Use a tool like HootSuite to spread out your resources and ReTweets, but don’ “schedule” conversational -type tweets.

What’s your engagement formula?

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