Social Media “Why” Classes Starting April 20th

When I first began coaching Blogging, Conversations, and things Social Media – the classes I held around the Midwest were more a "What" and at times a "How-To." 

As the "johnny appleseed" of blogging in these parts, or what some prefer to call me – "The BlogFather of Iowa" (like here and there…and over here), it was important to introduce the whats and how-tos first.

But that was 2005, 2006. Or what I sometimes call, so Two-Thousand-AOL.

Things have changed. A bunch. And there is a natural progression to things (How do we make money after all this blogging we've been doing?) and questions still come up as to the "Why" of Social Media for business use (Show me the $$).

Thanks to the combined efforts and generosity of Bank Iowa and 25 Connections, we will begin a series of individual classes entitled, "Social Media WHYs" – to be held every 3rd Tuesday of the month (first one is next Tuesday, April 20th).

Each class is autonomous in that each are stand-alone events. Some of the topics:

  • Social Media – Get WHYs, get ROIs (April 20)
  • Twitter – WHY should I with so much noise? (May 18)
  • Facebook – Why I should build a Fan's Page? (June 15)
  • YouTube – Cornball, Controversy, or Commercial (quick answer: maybe none) (TBA)
  • Time Management – Who has time? Who should do this for us? (TBA)

There are many more subjects to talk about (mobile apps, monitoring, monetizing content, etc).

I'd love to say bring a friend (or 3), but there is a seating limit. And it's small. 12 people. Okay, I might be able to squeeze in a 13th (I'll stand).

Two hours of rigorous, relevant, ROI-centric discussion about using social media theory, tactics, tools to improve your bottom line. I'm thinking of raising the price I write that – but I won't. It's $30 per person.

Just 12 13 people. (Register Now)

And I'll make you a deal. If I don't knock your brain sideways with stuff you haven't heard, don't pay me. If I over deliver, feel free to leave me a large tip (or a Panera Gift Card).

Where: Bank Iowa, 1150 Jordan Creek Prkwy, West Des Moines, IA (map)
When: Tuesday, April 20, 2010  8:30am – 10:30am
Why: Find out when you get there.

Register Today: (Click here for Registration Form – Payment at the door)

There is much to cover. If you can't make an event, bring me to your offices on a different date. Or we can Skype you in … this is 2010 – anything is possible.

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