Case Study: Social Media Marketing with Boesen the Florist

The team at CreateWOWMedia released a case study today on their work with Boesen the Florist, a Des Moines, IA retailer. Along with the new case study, they also share a video from the owners of Boesen and their sense of how Social Media has impacted their marketing efforts: The case study is not only visually pleasing, but there are real-life numbers. Numbers that any small … [Read more...]

3 C’s of Social Media (Video)

I've been experimenting with making video readings of some posts and stories that don't yet have posts. Here's a video reading of the post, "3 C's of Business Blogging" There are a few aspects I'd like to get better at, and just as with writing posts on a blog, practice will improve the outcome. Using a FLIP camera, it's pretty easy to create several videos in a short time, … [Read more...]

Revisiting: Discovery Along the Blogging Path

Reposted from September 2007How precious the facial expressions of a business pro discovering new, like-minded blogs. It's like watching a kid unwrapping a birthday present. And if folks follow instruction, discovery could happen on almost a daily basis. After writing a post, I teach bloggers to pick a key phrase or two and go on a "blog hunt," using Google … [Read more...]

Epiphanies of Building Online Community: The Ballpark

In the late '80's, I worked in minor league ballparks. Baseball was akin to a religion for me. I was in love with the game - and what the game produced. On the field AND off the field. While game time was a jazz, an empty ballpark was romantic. It was during this time my imaginosity would be heightened as we cleaned up yesterday's event and prepared for the next … [Read more...]

Is Schooling Interfering with Education (Videos)

Many classrooms are still fact-pushing factories, in both practice and design. Below, two videos take on this point: one geared towards classrooms, another comparing public schools and public libraries. First, Scott McLeod shares this video, An Open Letter to Educators: Second, this from two years ago (!!), Public Schools vs. Public Libraries So, with two years … [Read more...]

Revisiting: Blog Like a Farmer

Reposted from May 2006 (with minor edits) I've always had great respect for farmers. They live life with a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. More than most, they understand the Law of the Harvest and the dangers of taking shortcuts. Blogs are like F.A.R.M.S. In workshops and working with new bloggers, I often use this along with an acronym. For instance, at the start of your … [Read more...]

IDLFO Talk Show on Hold

In light of recent personal developments, I've decided to discontinue my short-lived talk show on I believe there is still much potential there, and that publishing multi-media content (especially if able to capture and reproduce in various channels) is going to be a natural progression for those who have a desire to capture a larger and long-lasting … [Read more...]

Age of Conversation Keeps Getting Bigger, Better and Busy

The 3rd edition of Age of Conversation is upon us. The subtitle this time: It's Time to Get Busy.  I've been fortunate to been included in each of three issues, and still read and glean from the first two often. This year, all proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Another great job by founding editors Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan (and to the support team … [Read more...]

Revisiting: Why It’s Okay to Miss the Bullseye

Reposted from November 2008In marketing, we hear a lot about target audience and get concerned whether we're hitting that target. I'll agree that we need to be aware of who we want to build relationships with most, but every relationship you build in social media can be valuable -- if building relationships and connections is what's important.Back in the day … [Read more...]

Revisiting: Wallflowers – Still an Important Piece of Conversation Space

Reposted from Sept 2008 Marcia Hersh recently ranted about feeling like a wallflower of the blogosphere anxious to get on the dance floor.  Well, Marcia - just by blogging - you're tripping the lights fantastic. It's my belief that wallflowers (and wallflower season) are an important part of the conversphere (the online conversation space). A couple of years ago, I asked (and … [Read more...]