Exploiting Chaos as Example Blog Posts (Great Content too!)

For the past few months, I've suggested the book Exploiting Chaos so much, people are telling me I'm repeating myself.

It's not just the content I'm evangelizing (and it's fantastic), it's the style and design — a great example of a blog writing (web writing?) practice. Let's look:

Emotional Headline; short paragraphs; eye-resting use of font changes and bullet points; bottom line take-away; great image. Nice!  If it had a hyperlink, it would be a perfect post — but hyperlinks in books aren't really here yet. 

You can download a sample of Exploiting Chaos in PDF format to go a bit deeper, or just buy the book.I know I'd suggest it (at least twice)


Other places and faces behind the book:

TrendHunter site
Trendhunter Facebook
Trendhunter TV
Trendhunter on Twitter
Jeremy Gutsche's Twitter

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