A New Perspective for Facebook Fan(s) Pages

A client recently launched a Facebook page a bit different than the norm. Instead of a fan page for her business, she is creating a fan's page for her community. I threw this idea on the table a few weeks ago on Twitter (and again today) when discussing how community can be built in the classroom like some well known communities where the community has a "sense" of ownership … [Read more...]

“I Dunno, Let’s Find Out” Gets a Talk Show

I'm about to embrace an OS!MHere's a wee bit of a promo for my new talk show on World Wide Local Live, Monday - Friday from 6am-7am CST. We'll be talking about Learning and Applying, Imagination and Curiosity (Imaginosity), and the science of experimental failure (which will probably happen a lot the first few days of the show). Join in via livestream to chatter … [Read more...]

3 V’s of Victorious Verbosities

Here's a three-step checklist to make sure your content is consumable: Valuable: Your stuff better have value for someone besides you. In other words, them (or if you're really doing it right -- us, which should include you). What's valuable content?  Well, your customers and readers are great folks to ask. Find out what they are reading, and why they are … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday ConverStations: Bring on the 5th

It's funny. When a person has been alive for four full years, we say they are "four" for the following 365 days. Yet when a business is alive for four full years, we celebrate their 5th year in business for the next year. Either way, today, this blog site enters it's 5th year of conversation. Together we've seen many changes on site and off site. … [Read more...]

Pick a Post of Poetry

Over the years here on this site,I've occasion 2 post a thought in rhymeA different way to present a message, tho hoping for smiles each time. So here as we begin our journey anewThought we'd look and reflect what's behindMaybe get a bit inspired by the oldOr possibly new jazz we'll find. Reading with Ears Wide Open (posted 9/19/2009) Let not your eyes … [Read more...]

Central Iowa Blogger First Friday: Bring Your Announcements #CIB

Just a friendly reminder of the calendar turn - it's 1st Friday of the month tomorrow. We'll be gathering at Panera U (map to 6740 University Ave, WDM) around the 8am-10am time.Great networking, storytelling, ideations, and a fantastic example of the blogosphere come to life.  A few announcements sure to be made this week too.Hope to see you there.FollowCentral … [Read more...]

Revisiting and Reflecting on January Posts Past

Sometimes a reflection on the archives is a great rekindler of thought, or a chance to update your thinking (if you're always learning, that is). Here's a visitation of past posts from the calendar we just flipped over:January 2010 Dry Writing? Beware of Too Much Touch: "Too Much Touch" is quickly becoming a mantra that works for my students. Leave Some … [Read more...]

Exploiting Chaos as Example Blog Posts (Great Content too!)

For the past few months, I've suggested the book Exploiting Chaos so much, people are telling me I'm repeating myself.It's not just the content I'm evangelizing (and it's fantastic), it's the style and design -- a great example of a blog writing (web writing?) practice. Let's look: Emotional Headline; short paragraphs; eye-resting use of font changes … [Read more...]