Take a Tip From the Movies – You Don’t Have to Start at the Start

I love hearing the backstory of how movies are made: how the team of actors come together, the special effects and challenges or dangers of pulling them off; putting the score together during edits, etc. All that stuff that comes on the back of the DVD.One of the most fascinating things to me is the timing of some of the shoots. So out of sequence (though not random). Did you … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Dozen: Books I Recommended Most in 2009

A lot of folks ask me for suggestions on books to kick-start or re-ignite their passions and participation in social media. Every individual and situation is different, but here are the books I recommended most in 2009: Greater Than Yourself by Steve Farber Tribes by Seth Godin Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port The Digital Handshake by … [Read more...]

links for 2009-12-29

From Blog to Book Deal: How 6 Authors Did It Some great examples, including Escape From Cubile Nation (which I highly recommend) (tags: writing books) Announcing defiant – a social media book project | Life Beyond Code A great look at how one of my favorites tapped into social media as part of his writing process (and success) (tags: writing Social+Media … [Read more...]

Write a Book in 2010 – Using Your Blog

Is 2010 the year you finally write that book? I hope so. And I'd suggest you write your book on your blog (or start a new one and make it public).A few reasons you'll want to write it on the blog: Don't get stuck at the start: I know lots of folks who get stuck on page one. They have 17 fantastic introductions or Chapter 1s. You won't get stuck. Make your … [Read more...]

Celebrate the New Year with #CIB – TWICE

 If you're in or around Central Iowa, you may have heard the buzz around Central Iowa Bloggers (#CIB). It's an informal gathering of folks who hold an interest in blogging or other social media activities and workings. It brings people together to share, introduce, compliment and commiserate their efforts Informal speaks towards the agenda. Inspired speaks towards the … [Read more...]

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Facebook Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions by Mashable A nifty cheat sheet on how to be more adept, engaged, and valuable (both incoming and outgoing) on Facebook (tags: Facebook socialnetworking cheats how-to) … [Read more...]

(Social Media) Trends to Watch in 2010

I've not done a predictions or trends post before, but I figure... "Why Not?" Personal or Individual iPhone apps: It's already started and is going to get easier. This is the new blog or twitter, a self-publishing platform that can be quick to click-and-create. With RSS (not yet dead) pulling your content from elsewhere you already publish, your app is sure to … [Read more...]

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Schools shouldn't block social network sites. - By Nicholas Bramble - Slate Magazine What's next...burning books? Some great "money quotes" in this piece if you're the tech-vangelist in your building (tags: education Social+Media) How To Use The Amazon Kindle Reader For The iPhone & iPod Touch For those of you who received a Kindle or iThingy this year. FYI - I have … [Read more...]

I Dunno, Let’s Find Out, Why Not?

I'll be using this {combo of} phrases a lot (more) in the coming year:I DunnoLet's Find Out(and hey) Why Not?The first is sure to keep me in a state of Learning; the second in a state of Action, the third invites Conversation.Maybe it will work, maybe not.  I Dunno. Let's Find Out.  And after all, Why Not? … [Read more...]

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Welcome Snagit for Mac Beta - Try It! (Visual Lounge) I've used Snagit on Windows for over a decade, missed it when I switched to MAC. I've tried the new version and love it!! (tags: design images presentations CoolTool) HELLO, my name is BLOG!: Are You Wasting Your Hard Earned Money Chasing After These 13 Things That Don’t Really Exist? (tags: lifehacks … [Read more...]