The Face and Voice of Des Moines Business? Renda Lutz

If you are active in the Des Moines or Central Iowa business community, you’ve probably met her at an event. If you’re on Twitter and follow anyone from Des Moines, you’ve seen her tweets.

Renda In short time, she has become the conduit and connectivity agent; the charm and channel — She is THE face and voice of Des Moines business happenings: Renda Lutz (aka @RendainDSM, formerly RendaDMRegister).

Today, I fell short of making it on time to Jeff Garrison‘s workshop. Others were also scheduled to speak. Once my appointment finished, I knew what to do to stay informed – Let’s tune into Renda’s Twitter Stream. Bingo!

She is not only a reporter for the Des Moines Register, she is an advocate for its business section and online growth, and the state of area networking. Her work is one reason I still read the paper (I’m also on their business blogroll).

Someone would be smart to turn the tables a bit and have Renda as the profile on Get to Know

Thanks Renda, for being THE connection for Central Iowa Networking and Business Happenings

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