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B&B: Words and Ideas Can Change the World

Love this scene from Dead Poet's Society! What will your verse (image, sketch, blog post, mantra) be?

Iowa Conversation Stations: An Octoberfest of Gatherings


Lots to choose from in the month of October, so let's just get to it (if I'm missing some, comment and point to the event):

Thursday, October 1, 10 AM (Free) @ Caribou on Ingersoll (map): Unemployed in Iowa Unnetworking (my term) – Discuss best practices to getting your gig, and in finding the follow-through.

Friday, October 2, 8 AM
(Free) @ Panera U (map): Central Iowa Bloggers (#CIB) monthly meetup – Are you ready for this?  It's the 3-year anniversary of this gathering. Unfortunately, I'm in Bedford, IA on this day.

Tue Oct 6 – Wed Oct 7, ($$) @ Hy-Vee Hall (map): Iowa Venture Capital & Entrepreneur Conference

Tuesday, Oct 6, 11:30 AM ($$) @ Wells Fargo Financial Downtown (map), Adam Steen on Lasting Impressions, The Art of Networking

Sun Oct 11 – Tue Oct 13
($$) @ Marriott in Coralville (map): Iowa Technology Education Connection (ITEC), three-day event includes keynotes Daniel Pink and David Warlick,

Tuesday, October 13, 8 AM- 3 PM
($$) @ Greater Des Moines Partnership (map): BIZ Marketing Plan Workshop w/ Drew McLellan – By the end of this day, you will have a functioning marketing plan in your hands (and so will I, because I plan on going)

Tuesday, October 13, 11:30 AM ($$) @ West Des Moines Learning Ctr (map): Social Media – Join the Conversation.

Wednesday, October 21, 11:30 AM ($$) @ Greater Des Moines Partnership (map):  Get Your Business in Shape… Adam Claypool of DeWaay Investment Banking talks about areas many business owners overlook.

Friday, October 23, All Day
(Free) @ Des Moines Social Club (map): Highlight Midwest gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, educators, technology gurus, and community builders from around the region. Last year's event (in Kansas City) was a huge hit (that I missed). I won't be missing this year!

Aside: With all of today's technology and considering the size of Central Iowa — why isn't there simply one (1!) central place where we can go to find all of these events?  Seriously, the silos have got to come down and the TAI, GDMP, DMR, ABI, IDED, BREC, and all these other associations should collaborate on one single, kick-butt, great calendar. Doing it the way we're doing now is helping no one.

Maybe TechSentry should create a BIZSentry (and combine the Tech Sentry Calendar with a Biz Calendar)

Bored with “21st Century Skills”? Get Over It


I hear a lot of business people, teachers, educators — and some edubloggers — who are already tired of the term “21st Century Skills.”  Get over it!  The term is going to be around for a long, long time. The definition? Possibly ever-evolving.

I remember when the cry of “PR is Dead” or “Your Home Page Doesn’t Matter Anymore” started circling around a few years back. Folks were aghast. Arguments ensued. Egos bruised. Awareness followed.

Wait…what was that last one?  Awareness?  Yep.

Let’s not get caught up on 21st Century Skills being [about] using a computer, social network, or mobile device. Two decades ago, Twitter wasn’t a twinkle in our eye — now it’s everywhere.  At the end of this century, Twitter may not be a 21st Century Tool, let alone a 21st Century Skill.

I would argue that the skillset of this century — or at least this early portion of it — has little to do with tools and has more to do with mind and heart. Things we read in Tony Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap, Sally Hogshead’s Radical Careering, and almost everything Karen Salmansohn writes.

- Imagination
- Curiosity
- Guts
- Listening (also a 8th, 12th, 19th, 20th century skill)
- Adaptability
- Patience
- Verve
- Collaborativity (the art of collaboration?)

If the term 21st Century Skills is a slap in the face, let’s wake up and see it for what it is and move forward.  Develop the skills of learning and discerning, of gleaning and teaming up, of breaking down the silos that hold us back — for by doing these things we will breakthrough the barriers holding us stuck in whatever decade or century we’re stuck in and be ready for the decades ahead.

Photo on Flickr from Cristobal Cobo Romani


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Social Media Expert or Social Media Escort? (Video)

Lots of talk and posts going around about the term “Social Media Expert” and folks have been asking for my thoughts.  This short video should give you an idea where I stand on the matter:

Quick Mentions in the video:

 - Mack Collier
 - Valeria Maltoni
 - Chris Brogan
 - Tara Hunt
 - Drew McLellan
 - Holiday Inn Express

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L.E.A.R.N. – Motivator of Conversation

Using this blog as a whiteboard…

LEARN – Motivating Behavior of Conversation (A Simultaneous Activity)

Listen – Always and Foremost
Engage – Find and Articulate Your Signal
Audit - Measure Response
Reflect – Pause and Synthesize
Next – Rinse and Repeat

In most roles of conversation, really good conversation, I've found that learning is the motivator. Those who most often listen are studying (and therefore learning). Those who talk most, learn most — and it is my belief we don't truly know what we know until we articulate it.

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Iowa Conversation Station: Steve Farber visiting Des Moines


My buddy (and if you know him, he's everyone's bud), Steve Farber is in town this week. A busy schedule I'm sure, but he'll be at a Tuesday night Tweetup at the Tavern on 50th (map) around 7 PM. (Note: Not a Tweep? So what, join us!)

A few months ago, Steve was with us in spirit at our #CIB event. Everyone took a picture with Steve's newest book, Greater Than Yourself – and my computer shortly crashed and burned (find out who's picture crashed the Vaio on Tuesday night!)

Steve is more than author, speaker, motivator, teacher, twitterer. He's more than the President of Extreme Leadership, more than a former VP (Chief Mouthpiece?) of the Tom Peters organization.  He's a friend. Of mine, and quite a few folks here in Central Iowa. 

Lots of big shots come through here. I think Steve is a big shot.  Big hearts coming through are rare. I know Steve is a big heart! When I went down with my kidney problems a couple of years back, Steve reached out in a big way. It helped me in more ways than he'll know.

Thanks Guitar Man!  I look forward to seeing you Tuesday. And I hope a lot of other #CIBers and #DMTweetups join us.

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Reading with Ears Wide Open


Let not your eyes wander,
Put your mind at ease
Lend your full attention
Just listen for a bit, pretty please?

In  the marketplace of old,
Conversations all about
and the only hogs allowed
had short, smelly snouts.

No soapboxes to climb upon
if you tried that, you talked alone
An equitable level of engagement
Would set the proper tone

Seek first to understand
A habit amongst the great
Likewise in the blogosphere
Eyes & Ears wide open an important trait

So with patience, fully listen
Go ahead, take your time
Premature response formulation
in some communities is a crime.

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 - Just Listen (my current Kindle read)

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Brunch n Brains: Listening as a Pillar

Listening is a pillar to any conversation, offline AND online. A couple of great analogies and a money quote at the 4:50 mark in this video on listening:

The "Feel the Pain" is an important part of this video. Don't miss it.

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Slide: Your Ears Will Never Get You In Trouble


Brunch n Brains: The Art of Listening

So many fantastic TED videos to choose from, here’s one of my favorites.  If you love music, you will be mesmerized by this one — but don’t miss the oh-so-important lesson on listening:

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