Iowa Conversation Stations: An Octoberfest of Gatherings

Lots to choose from in the month of October, so let's just get to it (if I'm missing some, comment and point to the event):Thursday, October 1, 10 AM (Free) @ Caribou on Ingersoll (map): Unemployed in Iowa Unnetworking (my term) - Discuss best practices to getting your gig, and in finding the follow-through.Friday, October 2, 8 AM (Free) @ Panera U (map): Central Iowa … [Read more...]

Bored with “21st Century Skills”? Get Over It

I hear a lot of business people, teachers, educators -- and some edubloggers -- who are already tired of the term "21st Century Skills."  Get over it!  The term is going to be around for a long, long time. The definition? Possibly ever-evolving. I remember when the cry of "PR is Dead" or "Your Home Page Doesn't Matter Anymore" started circling around a few years back. Folks … [Read more...]

Social Media Expert or Social Media Escort? (Video)

Lots of talk and posts going around about the term "Social Media Expert" and folks have been asking for my thoughts.  This short video should give you an idea where I stand on the matter: Quick Mentions in the video: - Mack Collier - Valeria Maltoni - Chris Brogan - Tara Hunt - Drew McLellan - Holiday Inn ExpressRelated Posts: - Why … [Read more...]

L.E.A.R.N. – Motivator of Conversation

Using this blog as a whiteboard...LEARN - Motivating Behavior of Conversation (A Simultaneous Activity)Listen - Always and ForemostEngage - Find and Articulate Your SignalAudit - Measure ResponseReflect - Pause and SynthesizeNext - Rinse and RepeatIn most roles of conversation, really good conversation, I've found that learning is the motivator. Those who most often listen … [Read more...]

Iowa Conversation Station: Steve Farber visiting Des Moines

My buddy (and if you know him, he's everyone's bud), Steve Farber is in town this week. A busy schedule I'm sure, but he'll be at a Tuesday night Tweetup at the Tavern on 50th (map) around 7 PM. (Note: Not a Tweep? So what, join us!)A few months ago, Steve was with us in spirit at our #CIB event. Everyone took a picture with Steve's newest book, Greater Than … [Read more...]

Reading with Ears Wide Open

Let not your eyes wander,Put your mind at easeLend your full attentionJust listen for a bit, pretty please?In  the marketplace of old,Conversations all aboutand the only hogs allowedhad short, smelly snouts.No soapboxes to climb uponif you tried that, you talked aloneAn equitable level of engagementWould set the proper toneSeek first to understandA habit amongst the … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: Listening as a Pillar

Listening is a pillar to any conversation, offline AND online. A couple of great analogies and a money quote at the 4:50 mark in this video on listening:The "Feel the Pain" is an important part of this video. Don't miss it.Find and follow more Deano Power: - Byron New Media - On Twitter … [Read more...]