Recycle a Blog Post Day: Blog Posts are Your Inventory

I learned through Gavin Heaton that today is Recycle a Blog Post Day (it even has a Twitter Hashtag going – #rabpday). With that in mind, here is one post that has been recycled the most through email and in conversations:

Blog Posts are Inventory – Blog Sites are Displays

more important in retail?  The display case or the inventory in the
case?  To be sure, they're both very important, but a clean and fancy
display without solid inventory…well, you won't sell much.

We've all heard that content is king, but… don't just look at the main blog site as the holder of your content.  You'll be shortsighted if you do.

I often challenge bloggers I work with to consider their blog posts – their inventory – the most valuable part of their site. Keep the display clean, fresh and relevant — but make sure you have plenty of top notch inventory.

Retailblog Inventoryblog_2

If you've ever done work in Display Merchandising, you know the
value of great window dressing. But without good inventory (and plenty
of it), it doesn't matter how beautiful the display case.

(Originally posted September '07)

The Eye-Rest post runs a close second.

Tip of the Hat to Mark Pollard for igniting #rabpday

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