Lafflaw Likes Lunches and Learning Lots and Legal

The folks at (serious!) have sent me a C&D note on the "Lunch n Learn" series (serious?) because they have a client who has that registered.Their client has a "page" called Lunch 'N Learn, and I guess the series we have here promoting others and their brilliance was drinking some of their Google Juice?  Never mind that I don't … [Read more...]

Lunch n Learn in the WWW (Wild, Wild, West)

Nice metaphor and story by Brandon Chestnutt in this How to Think Like a Social Media Cowboy presentation. I'm undecided whether slide # 9 or # 13 is my fave: How to Think Like a Social Media CowboyView more OpenOffice presentations from Brandon Chesnutt. More Brandon:- on Twitter- on FriendFeed- IdentityPR … [Read more...]

links for 2009-06-18

My Manifesto: Great Customer Experience Is Free « Customer Experience Matters If Classrooms are Conversation Stations (and they are) and our Students are our customers (and they are), then we would do wise to digest Bruce's Manifesto (tags: customer strategy experience usability education) TeachersFirst Resources by Subject & Grade Classroom Resources split into … [Read more...]

Slide: Don’t Shortcut the Storyboard

"A great storyboard artist is a great communicator" is one of the lead money quotes in the video shared on this Garr Reynolds' Lessons from the Art of Storyboarding.  Notice there is nothing said about being a great artist (period) If you're a blogger, teacher, public speaker, presentation designer, project manager, ...  and you need to … [Read more...]

Brain Stew: Save Time, but Don’t Shortcut the Storyboard

I used to love Larry King's USA Today columns. In some ways, there were all Twitter bits in newsprint. In that spirit, here's a mix of those things cooking in my noggin not yet ready-to-serve fully in a blog post, but possibly to meaty for a tweet:RSS = Relevant Signal Stream is becoming THE way I explain RSS. Lots of "a-ha" moments. People are explaining it … [Read more...]

A Blog is a Book in Beta

I often ask folks to think of their blog like a book in beta. Your categories are the future Table of Contents. Keep posting on a regular basis (and get comfortable with the garbage stuff -- you'll write plenty of it, I know I do).At the end of a year or two, you'll have the potential contents of a book. Whether you end up publishing one is secondary to the big … [Read more...]

Central Iowa Bloggers First Fridays: Bring a Friend & Listen

This Friday is the First Friday of the month, therefore it's that great day on the calendar when the conversphere comes to Panera U (map to 6740 University Ave, WDM) in the form of our Central Iowa Bloggers gathering around 8 AM. This is an informal gathering that pretty much takes over the restaraunt for the morning. And the talk isn't always around and about … [Read more...]

Getting My Wave Suit On

I haven't used Google Wave yet, but here's the movie (it's a long one): I watched this shorter, but a bit techie, Live Collaborative editing video first. Here's my quick take (though I've only had a sniff of Wave, not even yet a taste): Transformative, real-time collaboration. That's what Google is teaching the computers to do (note to my … [Read more...]

links for 2009-05-31

Why Our Current Education System Is Failing A student view on the state of education. Are we to believe that this student (who misses classes) teaching themselves what's important and relevant (reading whatever they like?) to learn? What's the world coming to? ANd how do we get more of these students? Please! (tags: reading success 21stcenturyskills Learning literacy … [Read more...]