Five in the Morning 022509 – A Guest Whistle Stop

I’m a big fan of Steve Woodruff’s 5 in the Morning series. It it brings the daily cream of the crop right to the top. This morning, I’m honored to be guest hosting this great series:

  • Sean Howard found a great audio/visual presentation on the future of advertising in It’s Time for Brands to do Something for People

  • Paula Thornton‘s Deep Thinking around Search was a great find for me yesterday. And the way I found it is part of what this piece tries to slice. Hat tip to David Armano for sharing it on Twitter.
  • Speaking of David  Armano, his presentation of Thinking Visually is now a movie (sorta) and I’ll be sharing this often.
  • Amit Argawal offers up a great peek into how smart (or dumb) we are…based on our taste of music?
  • Yesterday we caught a bit of a blaze in a “two words” tweme (a Twitter meme) as I asked folks to describe what they do in two words. This way I can remember it, then repeat it elsewhere.  Some great responses can be found in the results.

Thanks Steve for letting me guest host this series.  Hope I can do it again sometime. Keep that train rolling.

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