Social Media’s Swinging Door: Don’t Let the Door Knock You on Your Apathy

I love a good passion. Give me hate. Give me love. Standing in the middle is what Kathy Sierra dubbed, "The Zone of Mediocrity" or what I call the Area of Apathy.


There are some who still ride the fence about social media. They don't "get it" but they want to be "in it" – so they open accounts, say something once and sit the fence. They don't try to find a task, engage in a conversation or even do something ballsy (Mistakes are Tuition).  And then, they blame social media.

Let's look at Social Media as a swinging door. You're either IN, or you're OUT. Just don't stand in the middle.  

If your task is listening to what others are saying, that's great! But for the love of Scoble – don't say that and then say you don't subscribe to any RSS feeds or search strings.

Things change (improve?) fast. If you stand in the middle and do nothing, the door will knock you on your apathy.

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