Find Relevant Photos (Likkety-Split) Fast with CompFight

Compfight – the Flickr search engine is incredible!  Talk about a time-saver.

One of the things I stress to new bloggers is to find relevant images for EVERY post. And good writers hunt to find the perfect image.  Sometimes, it takes longer to find the image than write the post.  Yep — I see you nodding your head.  We’ve all been there, hmm?

Enter, Compfight.  Just type in the keyword or phrase that describes the image you’re shooting for – and watch a world of images unfold before your eyes.  Click on one of the images to be taken to that photo’s Flickr page (so you can capture the image AND the creator’s name so you can give credit.

Here’s a partial screen shot of Shoes on Compfight (click link for the results; the image to enlarge):


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