Social Media Success Plan for Beginners: 6 Hours for 6 Weeks

During last night’s conversation at Drake University’s Delta Sigma Pi meeting, I encouraged the students to follow a simple formula for social media success

2 + 1 +2 + 1 = 6

Two ways to view these numbers: By the Calendar and By the Clock.

Let’s look in our social media toolbox and see what we need to get started, hmm?

By the Calendar

Week 1 & 2: Start with a blog for two weeks. Get a feel for the software. Practice using eye rests. Begin reading other blogs, noticing what you like and dislike.

Week 3: By the third week, you’re ready to subscribing to blogs you like. Also begin subscribing for terms and phrases important to your own content. This will allow you to comment on other sites who are talking your talk. And the connections begin.

Week 4 & 5: How Tweet it will be. You’ve been blogging (both reading and writing) for three weeks.  You have a foundation of thought others can refer to. Now it’s time to Twitter. There’s a formula for this too — 70-20-10.

Week 6: Time to branch out with your creative juices. Pick a medium you have a passion for (video, photos, drawing, audio) and find a tool that you can both publish too AND use for your blog posts.  By doing this, you also make yourself findable in multiple places.

By the Clock

Being disciplined by the clock is as important as the calendar — maybe more so.  Take 6 hours a week for your social media.  Yes — 6 hours. You probably watch that much TV. Here’s the breakdown (probably looks familiar):

  • Blogging (2 hours each week MINIMUM)
  • Reading RSS Feeds (1 hour each week MINIMUM)
  • Twitter (2 Hours each week MINIMUM…think about it – an average of 20 minutes a day)
  • Other social media tool (1 hour each week MINIMUM)

Miss the minimums and do pushups (I’m a coach not a consultant)

If you want to see last night’s conversation, we UStream’d it for your viewing pleasure (about 60 minutes)

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