Wallflowers: An Important Part of the Conversation – Still

Marcia Hersh recently ranted about feeling like a wallflower of the blogosphere anxious to get on the dance floor.  Well, Marcia – just by blogging – you’re tripping the lights fantastic.

It’s my belief that wallflowers (and wallflower season) are an important part of the conversphere (the online conversation space). A couple of years ago, I asked (and answered), "Are Wallflowers Part of the Conversation?" My contention then (and still now) is a resounding "YES!"

Wallflower Writers
If you’re a new blogger or twitterer, this space is like farming. Every new blogger goes through a ‘wallflower season.’ Plant some seeds, continue loving it, even spread some fertilizer now and again.  Eventually, you will reap a good harvest of conversation.  Remember, that everything you post is an individual-archived page that lives forever – so don’t fear nobody’s reading. If they don’t today, they may tomorrow.

In Marcia’s wallflower post, she mentions Angela Maiers (which is also a favorite passtime of mine here lately). Yes, Marcia, Angela is a great role model for blogging.  But did you know that you echo her very words just a year ago. She wondered if anyone would comment; if anyone would link; if anyone would subscribe to her RSS feed; if anyone would even read her blog.  Perseverance is a Habitude – and Angela has plenty of that.  I think you do too.  So keep at it.

Wallflower Readers
If you’re not getting comments on your blog or links to your blog, it doesn’t mean folks aren’t talking about you. I find this especially true in education, where even the most avid bloggers still don’t practice reading RSS feeds (and they should).

In Marcia’s wallflower post, she also mentions Vicki Davis (another great model for great blogging). I’ve been talking about "Cool Cat Teacher" as an example in workshops and coaching sessions for two years. Offline. I think I made my first comment on her blog this summer.  Was I a wallflower? Yes. Did I help spread her gospel? Absolutely.

Wallflower Writer and Wallflower Readers.

Both  are important parts of the conversation.

Welcome to the dance, Marcia:-)  I think you’re doing super so far!

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