Not Tech-Savvy? Be Talk Savvy and Tech Comfy

“I’m just not tech-savvy.”

We’ve heard it since before the time of the VCR (remember those?). Heck, I’ve said it myself. And you know what?  You don’t need to be.

“It’s not about the tech, it’s about the talk.”

Many of us are as far from tech-savvy as one can be — yet some embrace the opportunity to experience new tools and how they can enhance their lives with the use of these tools

Valeria Maltoni hits the nail on the heart with her recent post, Ten Ideas for Conversation. The points she makes should be conversation igniters in your head, around your boardroom and on your plan-of-action. Here are just a few of the points (Valeria expands on each thought in her post)

  • How do you connect with others (and I would encourage you to consider the online and offline worlds as one world, not two)
  • Conversations are ongoing
  • Know thyself
  • Have an expectation for something (anything) to happen
  • Conversation as a stimulate (what’d you just say inside your head? that’s a conversation too!)
  • Conversation is an investment

Valeria’s post gets me fired up. Reading stuff like that, I can hardly wait to engage in conversation — offline or online. This is why Twitter is all abuzz. Connective conversations.

Of course, most of you reading this know it already. But some are so hooked up into not being tech-savvy, they forget about the talk. Be talk-savvy and tech-comfy. I don’t know how the underneath of my La-Z-Boy works, but I sure fall asleep fast when I use it.  And I use it often!

I can hardly wait to see Valeria’s chapter in Age of Conversation 2.0. Think I’ll curl up with Version 1.0 and have a listen (read).

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  1. says

    Thank you for the shout, Mike, here and on Twitter. Talk can and does help us bridge, connect, build. When our stance is one of inquiry, curiosity, and open consideration there is much ground we can cover within ourselves and for the business we champion.