Authenticity + Consistency = Trustability

It’s become a mantra in how I coach a Thin Slice of blog reading and social media interaction.

Authenticity + Consistency = Trustability

In this information onslaught, I view part of authenticity as having a face and contact info right up front. Above the fold. Easy to find. Does it mean a site lacking a face and contact info is inauthentic? Not necessarily. However, you’ll grab my attention longer if it’s available.

In consistency, I will have more trust in a site that has more than 20 posts per month on average. Even moreso if the posts stay on topic (for the most part). Why?  Anyone can put on their Sunday best for an hour per week.

I’m not saying that if you don’t do this you become untrustworthy. What I am saying, is that you’ll earn trust and therefore become engaged more quickly by doing so.

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