Homeward Bound

SlippersWow!  I’m home (my dog growled, but then recognized my voice and went a bit nutty).

A quick thanks to all the great, wonderful, thoughtful, loving comments and emails (more to come on that privately and publicly later).

Might take a few days to get back to a rhythm – and before that I need to catch up on work, projects and give out a bunch of hugs.

On the medical report scene, still some follow-up monitoring to do, some dietary changes (Panera is still part of the diet, thank you!) and more exercise – but this kidney failure (it was a doozy) was hopefully just a one-time thing.

Thanks a bunch to Drew (where’d I get this doo rag?) and everyone who lifted me up with comments – my wife and I read them multiple times each day!

Just wanted to give an update.  And now, back to work sleep.

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