Night Driving: Can You See the Destination?

Why do people drive at night?  Even with high beams, you can only see as far as your headlights. Maybe it’s because we only travel to places we’ve already been?  No? 

I know one business guy (for now) who won’t blog because he can’t see the results before starting. He never will, because he won’t blog.

Rather than listen to success stories of others (even those he trusts), he feels unique (special? better? I dunno).  Think he drives at night? 

Why do people drive at night? Confidence. We know where we’re going (strategy), we know what we’ll do if a deer jumps out (tactic) and we have an idea what success looks like (goal).

Blogging? Confidence. Know where you’re going (strategy), know what to do if someone links or comments (tactic), have an idea what success looks like (goal).

Blog safe, but enjoy the ride:-)

Photo on Flickr by lakewentworth

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