Night Driving: Can You See the Destination?

Why do people drive at night?  Even with high beams, you can only see as far as your headlights. Maybe it’s because we only travel to places we’ve already been?  No? 

I know one business guy (for now) who won’t blog because he can’t see the results before starting. He never will, because he won’t blog.

Rather than listen to success stories of others (even those he trusts), he feels unique (special? better? I dunno).  Think he drives at night? 

Why do people drive at night? Confidence. We know where we’re going (strategy), we know what we’ll do if a deer jumps out (tactic) and we have an idea what success looks like (goal).

Blogging? Confidence. Know where you’re going (strategy), know what to do if someone links or comments (tactic), have an idea what success looks like (goal).

Blog safe, but enjoy the ride:-)

Photo on Flickr by lakewentworth

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    This is a great post! Is it an analogy, metaphor, or simile? Or maybe none of them. Whatever, I love it. It makes the point beautifully.

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    I guess I am a night driver. As a policy, I don’t prefer to drive at night and always to get to a motel by 5:00. I am new to blogging. I believe I will be successful because I have some niches that I want to connect with. My tactic (when I hit a deer is to continue getting the word about my store and work with people to resolve conflicts. Success is when my blog not only is #1 in its’ area, but also the statistics show that the people reading my blog then go to my store and purchase a item(s) day after day. Success is also when other store owners contact me about carrying their unique items in my store.
    I choose to blog because I have not been able to break through with the traditional advertising and networking. Blogging is a new way to do both. Additionally, it is important enough for me that my store be a success that I will make the changes neccessary so that success occurs.

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    I think it’s time we had a part of the driving test that was simulated night time conditions. Driving at night involves slightly different skills and I think people learning to drive should be trained accordingly…

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    It  is very important to check on your car first before going on a trip especially when it is already dark. It is also very helpful to have your own company so that you would have someone to talk to and avoid drowsiness.