TypePad Pages Just Put Me Out of Business (Sort Of…)

Typepad just took a lot of work off my plate. I could lose money!  Then again, maybe one of their latest upgrades frees me up to do more/different work.

You can now quickly create your own pages in Typepad (big yawn from the WordPress users, hmm?). All Typepad Users have access to this feature!

For TypePad Users, the second blue tab formerly labeled as ‘Post’ is now labeled as ‘Compose’ – and your can now compose a New Post or a New Page:


The page will get a filename based on the title you give it, though you can change the filename (do so before publishing the page):


You can set a static page to be your site’s front page on the Configure>Preferences area.

Prior to this, my customers used to hire me to build static web pages for them. Now, folks can build their own pages as easy as email.

Thank you TypePad (Group Hug!)

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  1. says

    Yes, yes, us WordPress users are unimpressed. Though TypePad users and developers should rejoice because TypePad as content manager just got a whole lot easier.
    Now, Mike, perhaps you can spend more time doing what I feel you do best…coaching clients on how to use their blogs toward success.

  2. says

    It is as easy as Mike says. Fewer and fewer excuses for not trying a blog. Dawud is correct too; Mike is a good coach. Treats clients like grown-ups and makes the blogosphere friendlier.

  3. says

    You should be rejoicing Mike, now you can party more like us WP users. 😉
    Second thoughts this is not something us WP users really want known. :(

  4. says

    It sure makes my wife happier – no more part-time requests for static pages.
    But if we want the page to actually look nice, well, I still have to turn to her.

  5. says

    So… is creating a new page and a new post essentially the same, with the exception of naming the file that appears in the URL?
    Or are pages like little islands, not incorporated into the archives and categories like normal posts? (After reading Typepad’s explanation, it seems this is the case.)
    P.S. I asked Typepad for the ability to customize post URLs back in 2004. So this is a step in the right direction. :-)

  6. says

    Thanks for the comments – and yes, I think this will be a great thing. Still some work to be done (as Jim points out) if you want the pages to really look sharp.
    Ryan – Looks like you’re right. The pages sit unattached utnil you attach them (in Advanced Templates), but you can go into Select Content (then Order Content) from your design and create a Categories-like listing of your pages into your sidebar
    With Advanced Templates, you may need to tweak the design to incorporate any nav buttons or other stylesheet items to make sure it’s included in the page design.