TypePad Pages Just Put Me Out of Business (Sort Of…)

Typepad just took a lot of work off my plate. I could lose money!  Then again, maybe one of their latest upgrades frees me up to do more/different work.

You can now quickly create your own pages in Typepad (big yawn from the WordPress users, hmm?). All Typepad Users have access to this feature!

For TypePad Users, the second blue tab formerly labeled as ‘Post’ is now labeled as ‘Compose’ – and your can now compose a New Post or a New Page:


The page will get a filename based on the title you give it, though you can change the filename (do so before publishing the page):


You can set a static page to be your site’s front page on the Configure>Preferences area.

Prior to this, my customers used to hire me to build static web pages for them. Now, folks can build their own pages as easy as email.

Thank you TypePad (Group Hug!)

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