Hey Iowa Bloggers – What’s Your Metaphor?

Whatsyourmetaphor85 Liz Strauss (The Queen ‘Be the Resource’) and the SOB community is running The Metaphor Project: What’s Your Blogging Metaphor.

As most folks rely on Iowa, The Business Blogging capital, I think every Iowa business blogger should share their own metaphor. Several reasons:

  • You practice honing your porch pitch about your blog (Focal Point)
  • Post your metaphor on your blog with a link back to Liz’ post (Blog Posting Mantra #4)
  • In turn, Liz will include your post in updates (that’s why she’s a Hall of Famer)
  • Every voice is carried farther, each reader gains new insight…it’s laying tracks for new conversation stations.

So c’mon Iowa (actually, everyone reading) – what’s your metaphor for blogs and blogging? If you don’t have a blog (yet), your comment is encouraged below.

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  1. says

    Why thank you, sir! You’re the reason Iowa is such focal point for conversation. :)
    Every metaphor gives us another way to frame the conversation, one more access point for someone who’s not sure to find a way in. :0
    Besides it’s such fun to see where everyone takes this. So thank you again for spreading the word. I can’t wait to see what metaphors come from the fine state of Iowa!

  2. says

    Hiya Liz – One of the reasons I dig this exercise is because it equips folks with a story they can share offline about why they blog. Great idea!