Why Blogs are like TV Programming

Even before cable took off, there was a variety of different television programming: News; Sports; Variety; Instructional; Talk; Drama; Comedy; Game Shows… different uses for different audiences.

I doubt if anyone brushed off buying a TV because they didn’t want to watch soap operas. That would have been limited thinking. In some ways, blogging – at least business blogging – is facing some of that limited thinking.

One business owner I’ve been working with says he doesn’t write to a "bloggy" audience. What he doesn’t know (and refuses to see) is that his industry (and audience) is abundantly present in the blogosphere. Where is he getting his "bloggy" perception from? And is he getting a nose bleed sitting that far above ground?

Television programming is constantly changing and re-inventing itself. Each audience is unique and special. Yours is too. Don’t try to be Boing Boing, Wallstrip or even ConverStations.

Be yourself. Engage with your audience.

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