Why Blogs are like TV Programming

Even before cable took off, there was a variety of different television programming: News; Sports; Variety; Instructional; Talk; Drama; Comedy; Game Shows... different uses for different audiences. I doubt if anyone brushed off buying a TV because they didn't want to watch soap operas. That would have been limited thinking. In some ways, blogging - at least business blogging - … [Read more...]

Get Out From Behind the Counter

The retail sales counter. An accountant's desk. A pulpit. Your static (cob)web site? Potential barriers to congenial conversation. When I was in retail management, I coached our sales staff to spend most of their time on the customer side of the counter.  Subliminally, there tends to be an Us vs Them mentality when a barrier stands between you and your customer. Notice … [Read more...]

Do You Sound Like Your Blog?

We talk a lot about how building a web presence with blog software can extend the reach of your voice. Like singing into a can and communicating to the masses at the same time. It’s important to think of blogging more in terms of a conversation than a marketing or public relations piece. Compelling conversation will make for a compelling marketing tool, not the other way … [Read more...]

From the Archives: Phew! or Ut-Oh?

While preparing for a class I'm speaking with tonight, I recalled this post from almost a year ago: Phew! or Ut-Oh? Patrick Dodd at ShadowBox Studios brings up a great point in his example of the Durham Business School. No one in the blogosphere was talking about their MBA program.Phew! or Ut-Oh?Do you search the blogoshphere with trepidation that someone may be … [Read more...]

Dear Average: #$&@ Mediocrity

Had a white board with that plastered in big letters up until a few days ago. Then I read this post at Simplenomics:Mediocrity is a Sin. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Sigers. Solution? Here's a memo from Seth Want more? From Creating Passionate Users   … [Read more...]

What is the Purpose of my Business?

Using blogs, RSS feeds and various social media tools, I coach business leaders and owners how to connect with customers and prospects, and amplify their business relationships. It's on my website. On my business card. In my business playbook (aka business plan). Still, I occasionally find myself faced with a business who wants to have a blog - but without the effort or … [Read more...]

2W2B: Inspiration Overture

This is part of an ongoing series as I journal my way through Lisa Haneberg's book, Two Weeks to a Breakthrough. Today's entry is Lisa's video on her book, her mission, and her tour... Lisa has put together an inspiration video, really an overture of her book.  Two things I've noticed while savoruing the material in the book: The breakthrough process begins right away. One … [Read more...]

How to Remove NoFollow in Typepad Comments

For the past few weeks, Andy Beard and Dawud Miracle (among others) have led a charge to elimnate nofollow from comments. I've agreed all along and believe I've conquered the TypePad barrier to the nofollow format. Up until tonight, if you've left a comment (and I thank you), there has been a redirect page and a nofollow link. This means that search engines ignore your link … [Read more...]

Iowa Business Blog Workshop – Starter Course

I've written several times why and how I recommend business folks take a 30-day test drive of blogging before we get started. While that works for some, others prefer more support. With the latter folks in mind, I'll be offering a starter course in May. The basics of setting up a blog and engaging in the global conversation. We're also going to be reigniting the complimentary … [Read more...]